About Us

AppzCloud Technologies is set up with a vision to develop innovative software applications to enrich everyday life of people.

Appzcloud derives it's name from software applications and cloud computing. Mobile has become a ubiquitous device, of which there are now more than five billion. So effectively almost everyone around the world is touched by it. People everyday use it for both business and personal purposes. With proliferation of Smart Phones, this is going to grow further. Smart Phones are evolving into powerful personal computers, which store increasing amounts of data and media.

As Smart Phones and mobile data plans become ubiquitous, consumers are increasingly using multiple wireless-devices, such as two phones (one for work and another for personal use), a phone and laptop, or a phone and tablet. This presents an interesting set of challenges and opportunities. The convergence of voice, mobile, touch phones and internet overlayed with m-commerce, education, music, video and other related domains will remain an interesting area in times to come. AppzCloud envisions an always on, connected mobile world and is developing applications to enrich everyday life of people both in business and personal domains.


Sanjay Gupta

Founder & CEO

Sanjay brings in startup experience coupled with wealth of knowledge of Telecom domain to the AppzCloud Team. He has been involved in the communications domain for the past 17 years, both in US and India. Most recently, he worked with Comviva/Bharti Telesoft. He was part of the founding technical team at Bharti Telesoft and has been instrumental in developing & delivering, several innovative multi-million dollar products in the call management and roaming verticals from ideation stage. He started his career with HCL Communications R&D and has also worked in HCL America, where he was involved in building innovative features in Open Programmable Telephone Switches. Later on he has worked with Centigram Communications, US, which was a leader in Voice Messaging domain, where he was extensively involved in the signaling domain.

Sanjay holds a MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi and a B. Tech (Comp. Sc.) from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra. He has also taken few credit courses from Stanford University. He is also an author of an approved patent from USPTO for Virtual SIM solution.

Ashok Singh

Advisory Member

Ashok brings to the AppzCloud Team over twenty years of Sales, Product Management, and Product Development experience in the telecom domain. Ashok has worked for well-known companies in US, like Oracle, Alcatel-Lucent, Broadcom, ADC Telecommunication and HCL America. Ashok is currently working in Oracle as the director of pre-sales, leading Oracle Communication global pre-sales team. Prior to this, Ashok was the Business Lead and Product Management Director at Nokia, formerly Alcatel-Lucent, managing the Fiber to the Home product line. Ashok has good understanding of the worldwide telecommunication market, its service providers and suppliers. He has experience in working with worldwide tier-1 customers and close working relationship with other equipment vendors, including ODM/OEM vendors in China. Ashok has been involved in two successful startup companies, which were sold to US public companies, and has first-hand experience in growing start-up companies.

Ashok holds a MBA from UNC Chapel Hill, US and a B.E. (Comp. Sc.) from National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, India. Ashok was selected for Beta-Gamma-Sigma honor society, and was awarded first prize in entrepreneurship at UNC.

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